1. How to pay with Credit Card?

1) In your Product page, choose the Color and Size you’d like to buy. After selecting your Color and Size, choose the quantity you wish to purchase and then click on the BUY IT NOW button.

2) You will be brought to your Cart page. After confirmed your orders, click either Proceed To Checkout button on the top or bottom.

3) On the next screen, fill in your address and other details. If you got a discount code, you may input it in the discount code column. After that, scroll to the bottom and then click Continue to Shipping Method.

4) Next screen, click on Continue to Payment Method to continue.

5) You will then be redirected to a page that require you to fill in your credit card information. After you fill in the information, click on Pay Now button.

 6) Voila! You’ve done payment with your Credit Card. We will receive your order and process it right away!


2. How to pay with Paypal?

1. Recheck your order and the total fee of the payment

2. Option 1 :Implement the payment by using the Paypal account 
Option 2 :Implement the transaction via international payment cards such as Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit Card


3. How to pay with Online Banking (Domestic)?

1. Select the billplz for online banking and then click Complete Order. After clicking " Complete Order ", you will be redirected to Billplz to complete your purchase securely.

Choose your bank that you will be making your payment with then tick on " I Understand and Accept the Terms and Conditions " and then click on Pay button.