by Perfect Bella Team on June 25, 2018

Give me all the athleisure all day everyday! No, but in all honesty, I seriously crush hard on all things workout wear and gear. I know you’ve probably heard this before, but a great workout look really does give me a boost of confidence when I walk into a gym or workout class.

So today, I thought I would share a couple things to keep in mind when it comes to feeling confident during workouts:

  1. Your mind decides your fate – So, the easiest way to feel like you don’t fit in during a workout class is to tell yourself you don’t. Which is just nonsense! Let’s make this a no-nonsense zone, ladies. If you walk into a class telling yourself that you are legit and will kick some serious workout butt, you will! Believe in yourself and carry that into any gym or class you go into.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to the rest of the class – Easier said than done, right?When you trying a new classes, everyone in the room is a talented people! Give yourself some time and some hard work and you may just be calling yourself a dancer in no time.
  3. Make mistakes and get better – The whole purpose of a class or workout is to grow, right? We don’t just begin a workout regime because we are an expert. What would be the point? We should always be striving to push ourselves further. Part of that process is making mistakes. Like when I was in that dance class and I couldn’t keep up or follow the choreography, I could have shut down and gotten down on myself. But instead, I just pushed harder and did as many of the moves as I could. And guess what, by the end of class, I was a bit better than when I walked in! Give yourself time to grow!
  4. Have a workout buddy – This is such an important thing in my opinion. Especially when trying new workouts or classes. Find a gal pal that loves working out as much as you (mine is one of my company friends Winnie) and take them along with you! You can learn and grow together. Also, you can be accountability friends and help motivate each other to get into class and branch out with new workouts!
  5. Dress for success – So, yes, a fabulous workout style is an absolute must in my opinion! I honestly feel so much better when I look good when working out. A great workout set and a pair of cute and comfy shoes are vital for me. I always feel like workouts are more successful when I’m confident in what I’m wearing. This top and matching leggings just put an extra pep in my step last week as I walked into spin class. I mean, I think I spun harder than ever before! I swear, it’s magic!

If you take anything away from this post, I hope that it’s to have a little confidence in yourself and in how hard you’re working to be the best version of you! Don’t get down on yourself. You’re amazing. Keep it up!